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The End Arena


Epic LEGO® Minecraft® battles in the End Arena

Epic LEGO® Minecraft® battles in the End Arena

Get ready for an epic battle in LEGO® Minecraft The End Arena (21242) – where Minecraft® warriors face off in a thrilling showdown! This hands-on set is perfect for players aged 8 and up, challenging them to use all their Minecraft skills to survive the action-packed adventure.

Player-vs-Player Battles: Dive into an intense battle as an End warrior and a dragon archer go head-to-head in the legendary End Arena. Equipped with armor and weapons, players must strategize to overcome hazards like launchers shooting lava blocks and a floor that slides apart to reveal a pool of lava beneath their feet.

Interactive Features: Watch out for the Ender Dragon statue towering over the arena! With a push of a button, unleash a barrage of lava blocks. The movable floor adds suspense as it slides apart, revealing a fiery challenge for competitors. Get creative with additional play possibilities inspired by popular Minecraft mobs like the enderman and shulker, along with iconic game accessories like a golden carrot and potion.

Interactive LEGO Builder App: Elevate the fun with the LEGO Builder app, offering intuitive zoom and rotate tools for kids to visualize their model as they construct it. Bring your digital and physical worlds together for the ultimate LEGO Minecraft experience!


Q: Can I combine this set with my existing LEGO Minecraft collection?
A: Absolutely! LEGO Minecraft The End Arena is designed to be compatible with other LEGO Minecraft sets, allowing you to expand your Minecraft universe.

Q: How many players can participate in a battle using this set?
A: The End Arena is perfect for 2 players, making it an ideal choice for thrilling one-on-one battles.

Q: What skills can kids develop while playing with this set?
A: This set promotes creativity, strategic thinking, and fine motor skills as kids engage in imaginative Minecraft battles.

Q: Is there a guide included for building the set?
A: Yes, the set includes easy-to-follow instructions to help kids build and enjoy their End Arena with confidence.