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Super Nature


Discover the natural world with LEGO® bricks!

Discover the natural world with LEGO® bricks!

Discover the wonders of the natural world with LEGO Super Nature! This 80-page book is packed with exciting information and stunning images of LEGO creations featuring mammals, birds, insects, and fish. Created for children aged 6 and up, this book will take young readers on a global adventure, showcasing the beauty of nature through the lens of LEGO.

Unleash your creativity with the included bricks to build your very own bumblebee, clown fish, cactus, and flower. The fun doesn’t stop there – learn valuable tips and tricks to create your unique LEGO creatures and plants, sparking endless imagination and innovation.

Key Points to Consider:
– Encourages learning through play, fostering a love for nature and exploration.
– Provides hands-on building experience that enhances fine motor skills.
– Inspires creativity and imagination with endless possibilities for building unique creations.

Q: What age group is this LEGO Super Nature book suitable for?
A: This book is designed for children aged 6 and up, but can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages.

Q: Are the LEGO bricks included with the book?
A: Yes, the book comes with bricks to build a bumblebee, clown fish, cactus, and flower, offering a hands-on building experience.

Q: Can kids build other LEGO creations with the tips provided in the book?
A: Absolutely! The book provides plenty of inspiration and guidance for children to create their unique LEGO creatures and plants.

Q: Is this book educational?
A: Yes, LEGO Super Nature combines fun and learning, providing fascinating facts about animals and their habitats while encouraging creativity and exploration.