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The story starts the moment two bricks come together.

The story starts the moment two bricks come together.

Unleash the magic of creativity and storytelling with the incredible Harry Potter Lego StoryTales set! This interactive and engaging kit is designed to spark imagination, foster communication skills, and provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

Craft your own magical adventures with the iconic characters and settings from the beloved Harry Potter universe. Whether you’re a seasoned storyteller or just starting out, StoryTales offers endless possibilities for imaginative play and narrative building.

Key Features to Consider:

– Build different scenes and scenarios from the Harry Potter series to create your own unique stories.
– Encourages collaborative play, fostering communication and language development.
– Enhances storytelling skills and sparks creativity in children of all ages.


Q: Can this set be combined with other Lego sets?
A: Yes, the StoryTales set is compatible with other Lego sets, allowing for even more creative possibilities and mix-and-match fun!

Q: Is this set suitable for all ages?
A: While recommended for children, this set can be enjoyed by Harry Potter fans of all ages who love to immerse themselves in the magical world.

Q: How many story combinations can be created with this set?
A: The possibilities are endless! With a mix of characters, settings, and props, you can create countless unique and exciting stories.

Q: Does this set come with a guide or instructions for storytelling?
A: While there are no strict guidelines, the set includes inspiration cards to help kickstart your storytelling adventures, making it easy for anyone to dive into the magical world of Harry Potter.