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Storage Head – Small, Winking


Small LEGO® storage container with a cheeky, winking face

Small LEGO® storage container with a cheeky, winking face

Calling all LEGO fans! Keep your bricks and accessories organized in style with this vibrant yellow LEGO® Storage Head. Made from durable plastic, this upscaled version of the iconic LEGO minifigure head is not only practical but also full of personality with its winking face and lift-off lid. Perfect for adding a touch of fun to any shelf, desk, or table, this storage head can be combined with other LEGO furnishings to create a delightful theme.

Three key points to consider before making your purchase:
Spacious storage: This storage head offers ample space to keep your bricks, accessories, and more organized.
Durable design: Made from durable plastic, you can trust this storage head to last through many playtime sessions.
Versatile decor: Add a playful touch to any room by combining this storage head with other LEGO furnishings.


Q: What is the size of this LEGO Storage Head?
A: The dimensions of the storage head are [insert dimensions here].

Q: Can this storage head fit standard LEGO bricks and accessories?
A: Yes, the storage head is designed to fit standard-sized LEGO bricks and accessories.

Q: Is the lid of the storage head easy to lift off?
A: Yes, the lid is designed to be easily lifted off for convenient access to your stored items.

Q: Can I stack multiple storage heads on top of each other?
A: Yes, you can stack multiple storage heads to create a unique and organized display in your room.