Starter Kit


LEGO Starter Kit Set

Unlock your team’s creativity and problem-solving skills with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® program Starter Kit! Designed to take your business to the next level, this innovative process uses the beloved LEGO bricks to enhance performance like never before. Whether you’re looking to introduce your team to the methodology or dive deep into imagination and strategic thinking, this kit has everything you need to get started.

Key Features to Consider:
Comprehensive Brick Collection: The Starter Kit includes a diverse selection of LEGO bricks to facilitate a range of activities and workshops.
Introduction to Methodology: Perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, the kit covers both basic skills building and advanced problem-solving techniques.
Solo Use: Tailored for one person, this kit is ideal for individual practice sessions or small group activities.

Q: Can this kit be used for team-building exercises?
A: Absolutely! The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY program is specifically designed to enhance teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking within groups.

Q: Is the kit suitable for beginners with no prior LEGO experience?
A: Yes, the Starter Kit is perfect for beginners looking to explore the world of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and unlock their creativity.

Q: How many people can participate in a workshop using this kit?
A: While the Starter Kit is designed for one person to use, it can be adapted for small groups to engage in collaborative activities.

Q: Are there resources included to guide users through the process?
A: Yes, the kit comes with instructions and tips to help maximize the benefits of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.