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Rocket Mech Armour


Supersized Rocket Raccoon mech with minifigure

Supersized Rocket Raccoon mech with minifigure

Attention all Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy fans aged 6 and up! Get ready for an epic adventure with the LEGO® Marvel Rocket Mech Armour (76243). This supersized figure features Marvel’s feisty raccoon, Rocket, in his very own powerhouse battling machine.

– Rocket Raccoon Mech Figure: The fully jointed Rocket LEGO minifigure perfectly fits into the opening cockpit of the Rocket Mech. The mech comes equipped with a massive 6-stud blaster that really fires. With moveable arms, legs, and fingers, the mech can be positioned in countless action-packed poses for hours of imaginative play.

– Additional Blaster: When Rocket is not piloting the mech, he can wield a smaller blaster for on-the-go battles. Kids can let their creativity soar with the versatility of the mech and Rocket’s arsenal.

– LEGO Builder App: Unlock even more fun with the LEGO Builder app, featuring zoom and rotate tools that help kids envision their model as they construct it.


Q: What age range is this set suitable for?
A: This set is recommended for Guardians of the Galaxy fans aged 6 and up.

Q: How big is the Rocket Mech?
A: The Rocket Mech is supersized for larger-than-life adventures, providing a thrilling experience for young builders.

Q: Can the Rocket Mech be posed in different ways?
A: Yes, the Rocket Mech features movable arms, legs, and fingers, allowing kids to position it in various dynamic poses for exciting play scenarios.

Q: What type of blaster does the Rocket Mech come with?
A: The Rocket Mech comes with a huge, firing, 6-stud blaster for intense battles, as well as a smaller blaster for Rocket when he’s outside the mech.