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NEOM McLaren Extreme E Race Car


Pull-back car toy for NEOM McLaren Extreme E team fans

Pull-back car toy for NEOM McLaren Extreme E team fans

Are you looking for an exciting gift that will thrill kids who love race car toys? Look no further than the LEGO® Technic™ NEOM McLaren Extreme E Race Car (42166)! Suitable for both boys and girls aged 7 and up, this pull-back car not only offers the excitement of building, but also the fun of racing.

With chunky off-road tires, an eye-catching color scheme, and authentic partner logos, this car toy perfectly captures the essence of the real-life model. Kids will feel like real Extreme E drivers as they imagine racing in remote parts of the world. It’s a perfect gift for birthdays or any occasion for kids who have a passion for vehicles and car toys.

Key Points to Consider Before Buying:
– Realistic details for an immersive building experience
– Pull-back action for thrilling racing fun
– Compatible with the LEGO Builder app for an interactive building adventure


  1. Can the car be raced on different surfaces?
    – Yes, the chunky off-road tires make it suitable for racing on various terrains.
  2. Is there a specific way to use the pull-back action?
    – Simply pull the car back and let it go for an exciting race!
  3. Can this set be combined with other LEGO Technic sets?
    – Absolutely, this set is compatible with other LEGO Technic sets for even more building and racing possibilities.
  4. How can the LEGO Builder app enhance the building experience?
    – The app allows users to zoom in, rotate models, and track progress, adding an interactive element to the building process.