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LEGO Nutcracker


Enjoy a seasonal build

Enjoy a seasonal build

Get into the holiday spirit with the magical LEGO® Nutcracker (40640) building set! This whimsical interpretation of the classic Nutcracker figure can be customized with either a male or female face, making it a versatile and fun addition to your seasonal décor.

Here are three reasons why you should add this festive LEGO set to your collection:

– Movable Arms and Opening Mouth: This adorable Nutcracker not only looks great on display, but it also has movable arms and an opening mouth for interactive play and posing possibilities.
– Fun for All Ages: Whether you’re a kid, a LEGO enthusiast, or just looking for a unique holiday decoration, this set offers a fun and engaging building experience for friends and families alike.
– Seasonal Charm: Add a touch of charm to your home or workplace with this delightful Nutcracker figure that captures the whimsy of the holiday season.

Q: Can I customize the Nutcracker figure with different accessories?
A: While the set does not come with additional accessories, you can get creative and add your own festive touches to personalize your Nutcracker.

Q: Is this set suitable for beginners or younger builders?
A: Yes, this set is beginner-friendly and perfect for builders of all skill levels, making it a great choice for kids and families to enjoy together.

Q: How many pieces are included in the LEGO Nutcracker building set?
A: This set contains a manageable number of pieces, making it a quick and enjoyable build that you can finish in no time.

Q: Is this set limited edition or part of an ongoing collection?
A: The LEGO Nutcracker is a seasonal offering, so be sure to grab yours before the holiday season is over! Make sure to check for availability, as this set may not be part of the ongoing collection.