LEGO Note Brick


Take notes in LEGO® style

Take notes in LEGO® style

Are you ready to inject some magic into your note-taking routine with the LEGO® Iconic Note Brick? This glossy cardboard box is not your average stationery – it’s a stack of LEGO bricks that will add a touch of fun to your desk or study space. With 224 sheets of notepaper in assorted colors, you’ll have plenty of space to make lists, jot down reminders, and even send messages to your wizarding friends.

Here are three reasons why the LEGO® Iconic Note Brick is a must-have for every Harry Potter fan:

  1. Creative Design: Each notepaper sheet features a LEGO baseplate design on one side, perfect for sparking your creativity and imagination while jotting down your thoughts and ideas.

  2. Storage Solution: Once you’ve filled up all the notepaper, you can use the stylish box to store your precious keepsakes, small trinkets, or even your favorite Harry Potter collectibles.

  3. Perfect Gift: Whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a fellow Hogwarts enthusiast, the LEGO® Iconic Note Brick makes a fantastic gift that combines practicality with a touch of magical LEGO charm.


Q: How big is each notepaper sheet?
A: Each notepaper sheet is a standard A5 size, providing ample space for writing notes and doodling.

Q: Can I use a pen or pencil on the notepaper?
A: Absolutely! The notepaper is suitable for use with both pens and pencils, allowing you to customize your notes however you like.

Q: Is the box stackable like real LEGO bricks?
A: While the box is designed to resemble a stack of LEGO bricks, it is not physically stackable like real LEGO bricks due to its glossy cardboard construction.

Q: Can I use the notepaper for crafting or scrapbooking?
A: The notepaper is perfect for crafting and scrapbooking enthusiasts looking to add a touch of LEGO magic to their projects. Let your imagination run wild!