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Fun-packed LEGO® store model for play and display

Fun-packed LEGO® store model for play and display

Step into the magical world of LEGO Harry Potter with this enchanting minifigure-scale play-and-display set (40574) that lets you recreate the charm of visiting a LEGO Brand Store! Whether you’re a die-hard LEGO enthusiast or a Harry Potter fan, this set is sure to delight and inspire creativity.

With updated ‘Store of the Future’ features, this model boasts a buildable cash register, Brick Pit, LEGO boxes, Pick-A-Brick Wall, safari photo stand, castle, and train micro-models for window display. Let your imagination run wild as you customize the set with decorative stickers and bring the store to life!

Here are three key points to consider before adding this set to your collection:

Interactive Play: Fold out the lower level for easy access and bring the adult and child minifigures into the picture for a fun shopping role-play experience.

Display Ready: Showcase your favorite LEGO creations with pride using the included display features like the Pick-A-Brick Wall and window models.

Perfect Gift: Whether for yourself or a fellow LEGO lover, this set makes for a fantastic gift that will spark joy and creativity.


Q: Can this set be combined with other LEGO Harry Potter sets?
A: Absolutely! Let your creativity soar by integrating this set with other Harry Potter-themed LEGO sets to create your own magical world.

Q: Is this set suitable for children as well as adult LEGO fans?
A: Yes, this set is designed for all ages, making it a delightful addition to any LEGO collection.

Q: Are the decorative stickers included reusable?
A: Yes, the decorative stickers can be peeled off and repositioned, allowing you to customize your LEGO Store as many times as you like.

Q: How does this set compare to previous LEGO Brand Store sets?
A: This updated version features modern design elements and new play features that enhance the overall experience, making it a must-have for LEGO enthusiasts.