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Jazz Club


Put on the best show in town with this immersive LEGO® Icons Jazz Club building set for adults

Put on the best show in town with this immersive LEGO® Icons Jazz Club building set for adults

Get ready to step into the swinging world of big band music, lively jazz, and delicious pizza with the LEGO® Icons Jazz Club (10312) building set. As you construct your very own jazz venue with unique new building techniques, get ready for a night of fun and music with this one-of-a-kind creation for adults. The Jazz Club features a 45-degree doorway, setting it apart from other modular buildings and offering a unique challenge for builders.

With intricate details like a jazz stage, a cozy pizzeria, and the band’s dressing room, the Jazz Club is a treat for music enthusiasts and modular building fans alike. The set includes 8 detailed minifigures, including a jazz singer, bassist, and drummer, bringing the club to life with their vibrant personalities. Keep an eye out for special accessories like a mini microphone, a mini saxophone, and a mini LP record that add character to the scene.

Considering buying the LEGO® Icons Jazz Club (10312)? Here are three key points to keep in mind:

  1. New Building Techniques: Challenge yourself with the unique 45-degree doorway and intricate interior details that set this set apart from the rest.

  2. Collectible and Mindful: Part of a range of collectible building sets for adults, this set offers a mindful and creative project for those who appreciate exceptional design.

  3. Great for Music-Lovers: Perfect for fans of jazz music and those who love to immerse themselves in the world of music and creativity.


Q: Is this set suitable for children too, or is it more geared towards adults?
A: While older children with a passion for building and music may enjoy this set, it is primarily designed for adults due to its complexity and attention to detail.

Q: Can the Jazz Club be combined with other modular buildings in the LEGO® Icons series?
A: Absolutely! Mix and match the Jazz Club with other modular buildings to create your own unique cityscape filled with character and charm.

Q: How long does it take to complete building the Jazz Club?
A: The build time can vary depending on your experience level, but on average, it may take several hours to fully construct the Jazz Club and all its intricate details.

Q: Is this set a good gift option for music lovers who don’t have much experience with LEGO sets?
A: Yes, definitely! The Jazz Club makes a fantastic gift for music enthusiasts who are new to LEGO building, offering a fun and engaging experience for all levels of builders.