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Hogwarts Castle


Explore the magic of Hogwarts™ Castle!

Explore the magic of Hogwarts™ Castle!

Step into the magical world of Harry Potter with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle! With over 6,000 pieces, this collectible set brings the beloved wizarding school to life in stunning detail.

‍♂️ What to Consider Before Buying:
Time Commitment: Be prepared for a rewarding but time-consuming build experience.
Space Requirements: This set is large and will require ample space for display.
Age Suitability: Recommended for ages 16 and up due to its complexity.

Highlights of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle:
– Explore towers, turrets, chambers, classrooms, and iconic features from the Harry Potter series.
– Includes 4 minifigures, 27 microfigures, and 5 Dementors for endless magical play possibilities.
– Features the Whomping Willow™ and Hagrid´s hut for added authenticity.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How many pieces are included in this set?
A: The set contains over 6,000 pieces for an intricate and detailed build experience.
Q: What age is this set suitable for?
A: This set is recommended for ages 16 and up due to its complexity.
Q: Are instructions included for building the Hogwarts Castle?
A: Yes, detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the construction process.
Q: Can I combine this set with other LEGO Harry Potter sets?
A: Absolutely! The Hogwarts Castle complements other sets for even more magical adventures.

Don’t miss out on the chance to bring the magic of Hogwarts into your home with this stunning LEGO set. It makes the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan looking to immerse themselves in the wizarding world like never before!