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Hedwig Plush


Hedwig™ stuffed toy for cuddling, play and display

Hedwig™ stuffed toy for cuddling, play and display

Introducing the adorable Hedwig™ Plush – the perfect companion for young Harry Potter™ fans! This soft and cuddly plush toy is an upscaled version of the beloved snowy owl LEGO® figure. Kids can now take care of Hedwig and let their imagination soar with magical adventures at Hogwarts™.

Key points to consider before purchasing:
– Soft and cuddly: Made with high-quality fabric, this plush is perfect for hugging and snuggling.
– Great for play and display: With sturdy flat feet, Hedwig can stand upright and double up as charming room décor.
– Inspires creativity: Encourage storytelling and imaginative play as kids create their own magical adventures with Harry Potter’s loyal owl.

Q: Is this plush suitable for all ages?
A: Yes, the Hedwig™ Plush is suitable for Harry Potter™ fans of all ages, but it’s designed especially for kids.

Q: What material is the plush made of?
A: The plush is made of soft fabric that is safe and snuggle-friendly for kids.

Q: Can this plush toy be washed?
A: We recommend spot cleaning the plush with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best.

Q: How tall is the Hedwig™ Plush?
A: The plush stands at a huggable size, approximately __ inches tall.