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Grand Piano


Build the first-ever playable LEGO® Grand Piano!

Build the first-ever playable LEGO® Grand Piano!

Are you a music enthusiast looking for your next fun and creative project? Look no further than the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano model kit (21323)! Build your very own concert grand piano and play beautiful music with this sophisticated LEGO set.

Key Features:
– Recreate the hammer action of each piano key and the moving pedal for an authentic playing experience.
– Enjoy playing music by selecting user play on the free LEGO Powered Up app or simply activate auto play and listen to the melodies.
– Perfect for display in your home or workplace, this LEGO set is a unique birthday or Christmas gift for musicians, piano players, or hobbyists.


  1. Can the LEGO Ideas Grand Piano actually play music?
    Absolutely! You can play music by turning on the motor and selecting user play on the LEGO Powered Up app.

  2. How complex is the building process?
    This set is a challenging build with sophisticated details, making it perfect for adults who enjoy a hands-on project.

  3. Can I display the grand piano once it’s built?
    Yes, once completed, the grand piano can be proudly displayed in your home or workplace as a musical masterpiece.

  4. Is this set suitable for children?
    While this set is designed for adults, children who are experienced builders and passionate about music may also enjoy this challenging project.