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Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

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Even more design options in this Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

Even more design options in this Adhesive Patches Mega Pack

Introducing the LEGO® DOTS Adhesive Patches Mega Pack (41957) – the perfect kit for kids aged 6 and up who love getting creative and decorating everything in sight! This set includes 5 8×8 adhesive patches in vibrant colors that can stick to any flat surface, over 450 colorful tiles (including 10 randomly decorated tiles), and a handy tile remover.

Key Points to Consider:

Unlimited Creativity: Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they create one large design or several smaller ones to express their unique style.

Easy Redesign: The beauty of this mega pack is that kids can redesign their patches whenever they want, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Perfect Gift: This premium-quality DOTS set makes a fantastic gift for creative kids who want to join in on the latest trends and express themselves through art and design.


Q: Can the adhesive patches be removed and repositioned easily?
A: Yes, the patches are designed to be easily removable and repositionable, so kids can change up their designs as often as they like.

Q: How many tiles are included in the set?
A: The set includes over 450 colorful tiles, providing plenty of options for creating unique designs.

Q: Are the tiles compatible with other LEGO DOTS sets?
A: Yes, the tiles in this mega pack can be combined with tiles from other DOTS sets for even more creative possibilities.

Q: Is this set suitable for kids who are new to LEGO building?
A: Absolutely! This set is perfect for beginners and experienced builders alike, offering a fun and engaging way to get creative with LEGO.